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Dear players of the NutzMC Community,

As many of you have noticed our community is drifting into extinction. Our players arte slowly starting to fade away, and the fun on available on the server shrunk. The NutzMC Staff Team, has decided that I'd be best for the server, and the community to have a full reset. Meaning, that absolutely everything will be gone; in hope to come back with a better server. We want to make NutzPvP a better experience for you all. We want you to have fun, and we want you to enjoy playing on the server. We do realize that your so hard-earned items will be gone, but after the reset you all will be rewarded with a reset kit, drop-parties, and plenty of fun events.

After the reset takes place, every warp in the server will be rebuilt. All the warps will be completely new. We want you to have a good place to be. If for us youtubers, and ugly pvp arena is the worst thing for a video. We really hope you guys understand that this reset is only to better our community. Because in reality, what's the point of having tons of items, and no players to use them with?

For any more news about the reset, please keep an eye on the forums, where every single step taken in the reset will be posted.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you all soon.



Update Progress:

6:50 Started The reset Process

8:30 Uploading the World

8:45 World Uploaded

9:30 Working on Warps (shop Pvp )

11:30 Regioning. SOON!!!!!

LegendEater Lets take our hats down and say bye to sharp 60 Guardian Blade (Although Deez hates me)
[Owner] DeezSelfiezSD a The reset is now done about 24 hours later than we expected, we didnt get much done but reset, So during the next few We...
zzHAILSTORMZzz If your going to nerf the kits, can I make a suggestion? Can you still make it balanced so the different ranks actually ...


[Owner] DeezSelfiezSD a posted Jun 27, 16

Hello NutzPvp Community!!, it has come to our attention that some of the players are

getting tired of seeing the same stuff. So we are leaving it up, the members of NutzPvp, to

think of some ideas that you would like to see us, the staff members, to add to the server

to make it more enjoyable for you!!

Post your Suggestions in the comments section below!

_JigSawPvP_ I think more homes for [Member] because 1 makes it hard to get around anywhere.
VortexVoriYT can i plase get Youtube rank plz got 55 subs plz il post factions every day i just want youtube rank
Melih and more pv's

For some people, this may be a bad thing and for others it will open oppertunities.

So whens this reset? The reset will Happen on May 6th:

What will Reset? Everything will reset including (money, pv's, world. warps, inventory, Etc.)

Will it only be a reset? No of course not, we will also be updating the server with new things that we hope will make the server more fun for everyone, but were not done there we will also be having a 60% "Reset "Sale on everything on the shop (use Promotion Code "reset" starting on May 6th!)

We will also be starting a monthly Staff meeting, so hopefully in all these meetings we can go over apps that come in, SO GET applying! We are currently hiring two trainee positions! We hope to get these people hired before May 21st 

More Details to follow!

oremaster I have just one question.When are Drop partys and do they exist?I am asking because I am new to the server and I want to...
NoHaxJustMatix Dosente reset wet
PvperFriendly/_GEM Deez Unban Me Please Im So Sorry For That I Promised I Dont Used My Hacked Please Im So Sorry For My Language Becaused I...

Hello Nutzpvp Players, 

It has come to our attention that there is a fake 'Cobbb' on skype asking for people's login details, if you see someone claiming to be us on skype, facebook, or even ingame ignore the person and inform us, just know we would NEVER ask for anyones login details, IP addresses or anything of that sort!

Thanks for your cooperation 

EVBattery HI IM COBB CAN I HAS UR SKYPE SO I CAN HAS UR AC <3 lol Even if he did want you acc he can unregister it himself...
HyburdzMC Yea.... i was the first victim of this shiz brah :/ .-. and i hope the last one

The reset Has begun and is underway Please keep an eye on here as we will Tell you what percentage were at and how much longer!

What will Be gone?

-Ingame ranks


- Inventories

-Player vaults

What will Change:

- Nether Will Be Enabled YAAAAAY

- Fixed The /rankup Glitch!

- Everyone will start with 50 K

-  Selling head by Stacks/ how many you have in your inventory Using /sellhead


Optimistic I didnt start off with 50 :^)
Abdullah1738 also instead of just getting kit when rankup give perms like fly or vanish
[BOSS] Samantha0208 Also try to make the player increase. try to advertise the server to another server so it'll be fun like before.
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